Popular Ghanaian blogger, Laura dies after posting on Facebook that she gives up on life.

Lady dies hours after posting on Facebook that she gave up on life

Laura Eyram, celebrity and popular blogger on Facebook, is mourned by everyone due her sudden death just immediately after a short illness. Laura Eyram, who is known to be very active om Facebook and and a writer on Africancelebrities.com, has died. She died a few hours after her Facebook post. According to reports from close sources, Laura was a very nice person on social media but was seriously ill and at one point called blood donors. Laura, a twin, went to social media on Friday July 03, 2020 to announce that she gave up on life, hours before news of her death went viral on the social media platform.

She wrote: ” I ran my run.

I travel to eternity.

Take care of yourself during my absence.

I did my best to stay alive, but fate didn’t. ”


A few hours after her posting on Facebook, she actually traveled forever. The tributes seen under her publication prove that Laura was indeed loved by everyone because her former boss, Chris Vincent and others wrote emotional messages while they were crying for her.

See some of the tributes below: