10 Amazing things You didn’t know about  Magasco

Magasco is one of those Cameroonian artiste that have constitently proven his relevancy in the Cameroonian music industry. You will be amazed after reading this facts about him. Take your time and digest this.

1 His first ever performance was in 1999 that is 21 years ago and that makes him the first ever anglophone rapper to perform publicly.That was when he was doing rap.

2 He was a rapper before swapping into a singer.

3 In 2000, He Formed a group of rappers called T-drops made up of him, Klone and Dablu which happens to be his all time best friends.

4 He was the first ever Anglophone Afropop Singer to do a collaboration with a Francophone artiste in Cameroon Duc z that was in 2014.

5 Recently, He did a collaboration with Bitkussi Diva Lady ponce making him the first male anglophone artiste to have jumped into a collaboration with a bitkussi singer and the Second Anglophone artiste to have done a collaboration with Lady Ponce after Mel B..

6 His was the first Anglophone artiste to be signed under a biggest Cameroonian urban label Empire Company of Pit Baccardi.

7 “Line Loba”, was his first ever recorded and Video song.

8 He has no international award and his biggest nomination was from AFRIMA award 2018 where he was nominated for best male central Africa.

9 Magasco has been Consistent in the Cameroonian music industry for 21 years now making one of the most experienced and oldest anglophone Urban artiste in the Country.

10 Magasco is a Bachelor degree holder. He got his A level certificate in art then studied history at the University of Yaoundé I.