Longue Longue shows full support to Amougou Belinga to the detriment of Ernest Obama

In a short video posted on social networks, the singer of the makossa believes that Amougou Belinga is a man with a big heart who has always shown generosity and altruism.

Known for his outspoken speech, the artist-singer Longue Longue posted on his Facebook account on Monday June 22, 2020, a video in which he supports Amougou Belinga in the case which opposes his former collaborator Ernest Obama. “Total support for President Amougou Belinga, a man of heart, a man who is the pride of Cameroon. A man who employs more than 2,000 Cameroonians. It’s when you love people that you create jobs. We create jobs because we want to share with people, “says the” liberator “in his short video.

To further magnify the generosity of the businessman, Longue Longue informs that the promoter of Vision 4 television made a very humanist gesture when the singer Nguéa La Route was to undergo an operation in 2019. “I remember when I I fell in love with Mama Nguéa, President Amougou Belinga sent 1,500,000 thousand, ”he says.

In the process, Longue Longue urges the businessman to move forward. “President, your fight is legitimate and God will accompany you,” he continues. Thereafter, the artist made a kind of confession, “I myself remember that I offended you, you forgave me. Because you told me that day, “Long hatred hurts the hater, and grudges curse grudges. We made peace ”.

The great vocalist (Longue Longue) ends his video with a message to the enemies of Amougou Belinga, “Although there are many, God will accompany you. Longue Longue supports you from Douala ”he concludes. A snub to Ernest Obama who has long washed Long Long Long in shows on Vision 4.