“Dzemakou”, a  Cameroonian movie you need to watch out For. Produced and Directed By Alain Chia and Njuh Louis

The Cameroonian movie industry hits a blockbuster film “DZEMAKOU” “Lord’s of the forest”

It’s a film shot in the Eastern region of Cameroon in the forest pygmy zones blending different cultures of the Betis, Ewondos, Bulus, north west and south west cultures. It’s all about deforestation and it’s challenging.

Deforestation is an aspect of environmental degradation hence must be discouraged in all it’s forms. It’s a pure thrilling home based contemporary epic films with of the best crew members ever.
Well sellected finest actors in Cameroonian film industry.

The movie will be Staring:
Ottia Vitalis as batum buo-sih
Ngonga Elisabeth as Ma Beng
Nkeng Silvie as Alice
Njukwe Judith as Natum
General Tox as Bama
Wirsiy Bernard as Apande and a host of other.

Crew. Producer Abangkum, co Producer. Enow Sandra, DP chefor leslie, sound consty. Asst director. Alain S. Chia. Director. Njuh Louis.

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