(Music Review)”Rise again EP” by Wax Dey, the need of the mass at the moment.

The human race is traumatize. There are deaths left & right. The World is on a lockdown. That is why Wax Dey has decided to use his talent to give the mass hope that they will rise again.

Lots of people have lost hope on life existing again. From strikes, crisis, Covid-19 to protest. God should give the world the strength to Rise Again, Wax Dey cries out.

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Calabash Music has announced the release of The EP “Rise Again: The Lockdown EP” by award-winning Cameroonian singer, Wax Dey, on June 5 2020.

‘Rise Again: The Lockdown EP’ is a playlist of 6 positive and uplifting songs inspired by the Lockdown due to Covid-19, or recorded during this period.

On the release Wax Dey departs from his recent urban pop offerings and forays into more soulful and jazz compositions. For example, the title track ‘Rise Again’ is a guitar-based acoustic piece that benefits from thought-inspiring saxophone riffs. Its starkly appropriate message calls on African leaders to facilitate ‘Africa Rising’ post-corona by embracing the values of Love, Hope, Peace and Justice.

“Wayo Wayo” features Nigerian-South African award-winning jazz guitar virtuoso, Kunle Ayo. The song delivers a sombre yet comic audition of a jilted lover who must face the lockdown alone, without the warm embrace of his loved one.

And if Wax Dey’s bare piano-voice rendition of ‘Tomorrow’ leaves you reminiscent of Covid-19’s darkest days, it does share hope for the future and pays tribute to those at the forefront of the fight: “Tomorrow we go be together again; tomorrow our nurses and doctors will be heroes”.

The themes are not all deep – Wax Dey’s bilingual musical heritage comes through in the Dijay Karl-produced Congolese Rumba-inspired French love song ‘Condamné à vie’ (Life sentence). Then he joins forces with producer Cornel for a playful afropop love song “Face” – a lyrically naked, somewhat cheesy, yet beautiful love letter co-written with young singer/songwriter, Naomi Mbenkum – “I run go on top Buea mountain, all that I can see is your face” sets the tone.

This EP serves to remind the World regardless of the sex, race pr culture to all rise and let’s face the Covid19

The singer concludes with No Corona

What do you think about this EP of his ??