DOUALA, Cameroon, 14th June 2020 – Niki Heat Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of “Yahweh” the debut single of their artist AkuBai. She brings more flavor into the Cameroonian Christian music scene with her amazing vocals and unique style. Upon joining Niki Heat last year, AkuBai released “Great God”, a mashup of a popular gospel songs and showed off her impeccable dancing skills in the music video. “Yahweh” is a song of praise and worship and depicts God as the good father of the universe who watches over all and is worshipped by all nations. It is spiced with Cameroonian dialects and rhythms giving it a very unique sound. →Stream & download “Yahweh” here: AkuBai is part of the new wave of Christian singers whose music transcends church walls and for over 15 years, has been using her voice to praise God notably as a worship leader in her church. “In trying times like these, let us all just worship the creator of the universe, Yahweh and thank him for our lives. Sickness, pandemics, and wars will pass but His grace and love will endure forever” said AkuBai. “Yahweh” is available now on major digital music platforms and the music video will be released on the Niki Heat Entertainment YouTube channel on Friday 19th June, 2020. The song produced by Evans Dreamboy and the beautiful video was shot by the talented Chuzih of Fantasy Arts.