Radio presenter,  Nabstar calls on Tzy Panchak to stop being a ‘naija celebs ‘ commenter.

Tzy Panchak has of recent been clashing a lot with Jovi. He recently did a post saying Jovi blocked him and wondering if that is how they fight for 237 culture.

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This however had a mixed feelings in the fans. Some thought he was right to call Jovi out while others saw it as a total trash.

Well, Famous Cameroonian radio presenter and rapper, Nabstar Nabil has called Tzy Panchak to stop crying on all Nigerian celebs posts and concentrate on building the Cameroonian industry.

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Taking to his fb handle after seeing Tzy’s comment on Davido’s IG post, he wrote :

Lets build ours and its built from being real.. eliminating fake, stop chasing clout, kill our pride, open our minds.. love your brother first charity begins at home.. start making money n stop hating for free.. this could have been us Cameroon, but we spectators and commenters now .. ??‍♂️??‍♂️..

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