Alexandre Song reveals how he spent all money he got from football.

While in Emirates, Cameroonian super star baller spent all his balling money for trips, expensive cars & everything luxury.

Song joined Barcelona in 2012 for £15million after playing for 8-years in Asernal. According to A. Song, he was paid £15,000 per week in his first year at North London club but he failed to spend it wisely.

The ex-indomitable player said he wanted to have a life like Thierry Henry, the highest earner at the time, that’s why he saved up some money.

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I spent eight years at Arsenal, but it was not until my last four that I can say that I started earning a very good living because my salary increased considerably. I wasted a lot of money, and I was going to expensive dinners, trips and holidays,” the man said on an Instagram live chat with his fans.

During those eight years, I could not even keep £100,000 in my bank account. I thought I was a millionaire, but that was not the reality, I was making £15,000 per week. I came to training, saw Henry arrive in his car, I thought I needed the same no matter the cost because I was a footballer, went to the dealer, signed some papers and ended up with the same car as Henry. Still, I understood that my money was going to run out and I asked for a Toyota instead, Song, 32, added.

Barcelona were interested in signing me, and their sporting director spoke to me, he told me that I was not going to play much football there. I told him that I don’t care. I knew that now I was going to be a billionaire , concluded he on this subject.

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