Doesn’t Diamond Platnumz provide for his son? Well…

Rumours have it that former gf to Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz after leaving him returned to Kenya and was living in her old apartment before moving to her new Runda home.

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T. Donna had her baby, NJ at 23 which was her first time of being a mama, grace to Mama Dangote, Tanasha learned a few tips on being a mother.

Well, let’s dive straight into this. On mother’s day(10th May), the lady’s manager left her a powerful message. Well, Castro who happens to be her manager didn’t just give her accolade for being a good mother, he appreciated the fact that she doesn’t let her son stay hungry.

He wrote:

Good Morning ain’t it a blessing to wake up one morning from a young lady; to becoming a woman! Am proud of you, especially as a single mom. You have done what it takes to ensure your son never goes to bed without a meal and wake up to your love.

You are a wonder, special, super being I watched you learn how to be patient with yourself since nothing in nature blooms in a year. Phenomenal. Happy mother’s Day my G.

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Well, some group of persons feel the message was to state that Diamond doesn’t take care of his son & provide his needs.

What do you think??

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