Enanga and Her Boy Friend: Episode 2.

Go through this conversation between Enanga and her Boy Friend .like we promised you,these episodes stories it’s not meant to hurt anyone but rather intended to help you have a better relationship out there. As we continue Our “Enanga and her boy friend” episodes we urge you to apply this stories in your real life positively.It will help you so much. This is what happened With Enanga and her Boy friend. Follow the discussions and don’t forget to keep your thoughts in the comment box.

Enanga : Sweety do you really love me and wish to marry me?
Boy Friend : Yes baby I love you will all my heart.
Enanga : Really??
Boy Friend : Yes baby.
Two weeks later……..

Enanga : I think am sick.
Boy Friend: How do you feel baby.
Enanga: My waste is just heavy.
Boy Friend: Don’t worry it may just be that you over stressed yourself.
Next day…

Boy Friend : Baby how do you feel now?
Enanga : Sweety, i can’t explain again.
Can you believe i had vomited 3 times today
Boy friend [fear grip him]: Jesus!!! Are you serious?
Enanga : Yes baby, my tummy is equally aching me. I Feel so dizzy.
Boy Friend: What do you think is Wrong?
Enanga : I think am pregnant. Iam Really Scared.
The Next day………

Enanga calling Boy friend  on phone But No answer.
She called again and again But No answer.
She called for the 20th time but Phone is
switched off.
Next day……….
Enanga  gave her boy friend a surprise visit.
Boy friend : Who are you looking for?
Enanga : So you don’t know me ?
I am Mary, your love.
Boy Friend: Mary or whatever you call yourself, just
bundle yourself out of my house.
Enanga : I will but before i go just know that am not pregnant.
It was just a test And you failed.
The Girl just left.
The Boy friend ran after her saying……
“Please honey forgive me”
If you were Enanga would you accept him back??

Yes Or No??

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