Is biggy237 a blessing or a Taboo?

Just like every entertainment industry, the Cameroon one strives to be recognized for all its hardwork.

Music, acting, modelling is entertainment that needs something to spice up the food.

That is why a thought came to the starting up of Biggy 237. Lots of people follow or have followed Big Brother Africa or Naija. This should serve as a clue to everyone on what Biggy237 is or wants to be.

That is exactly why, we will be examining if it is a blessing to the Cameroonian industry(spice) or a total tahhhh (poison).

Without seeming negative at all, a show like a Biggy 237 is supposed to not only be for fun( entertainment) but should be educative. This draws me to my first point on why it is a taboo.

The nominees of Biggy237 are just selected carelessly, regardless. Yes, people have the right to enjoy…but at what detriment ? Most nominees have no jobs or intentions of bettering their lives. They are just young and excited to be famous. Well, that’s a waste of youthfulness to begin with.

In addition, with the great investments in Biggy237, it is rather very clumsy for excuses like We won’t be getting into the house because of no electricity. Even Nigeria that doesn’t have as much current supply as Cameroon doesn’t complain of electricity problem. This is pure negligence. A generator can be bought. So here, I can clearly say that their priorities aren’t straight and they give room for complains rather than hard work.

Equally, Biggy237 is over demanding. They basically have all sorts of task people have to carry out and spend. The nominees are struggling likewise their friends. People won’t like to invest in something that might turn up a failure like now (God forbid). We wish, they reorganize and make this show a great one.

Getting to its blessing part, Biggy237 is a blessing because it has reunited 237 actors of various entertainment field. We heard that Syndy Emade invested some money likewise Soli Egbe and others. This unity is a great move that shows that we love our industry’s growth.

As of now, it doesn’t have a lot of blessing because it hasn’t started as per say. Until then….

Thanks for reading! Kindly drop your opinions.

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