Remy Ngono discloses his relationship with the first lady, Chantal Biya.

Accused of trying to make a deal with the Paul Biya’s regime, Cameroonian journalist, Remy Ngono, confuses his detractors by providing evidence of his innocence.

The man went live on his Facebook handle to reveal his relation with the first lady, Chantal Biya.

The fierce opponent of the Biya regime admits to maintaining rather a cordial relation with the wife of the President of the Republic.

“The first lady called me,” he suggests before telling his story about her mother’s mother. Returning from a funeral with collaborating journalists, Remy Ngono and his colleagues reportedly took a short break in a bar to drink.

Chantal Biya’s mother is said to have appeared in the bar with her guards.
“She was furious. Ella took the table over the bottle. She threw the table over me. She took the bottle. I just had a reflex otherwise I will be dead. The bottle left to smash next to it. The others arrested me to slap me, to humiliate me there. I went home, “said Remy Ngono, before indicating that he was impressed by the gesture of the first lady who followed this unfortunate incident.

“Chantal Biya called me. She said to me, “My brother, what happened to you, I really apologize to you for my mother. ‘I really enjoyed it. This gesture alone made me keep that side of her. ”
Chantal Biya didn’t end here. She is said to have been sending money regularly to Remy Ngono through his brother, a Cameroonian police commissioner. The journalist never accepted these presents from the first lady according to his statements.

“She sent one of her brothers to see me sometimes. He was a commissioner but still in civilian clothes. He said, “Take the money, think about your family. What are the others going to give you?”
Remy Ngono is clear. For nothing in the world, he will not betray the struggle.

“I have experienced all kinds of torture. I was beaten up because I reported. Me Remy Ngono, I had all the proposals. I could change my jacket in the most difficult times with 14 arrests plus a prison sentence, “he said.

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