Molaré is very scared, here is his message to Kerozen after being convicted

After being convicted for his presence at Emma Lohoues’ birthday, prepared in violation of the barrier measures imposed by the Ivorian authorities to slow down the progress of Covid-19, Molaré has learned a good lesson.

The boss of the Decalcup, Soumahoro Mauriféré alias Molaré, has already been severely punished by the Ivorian justice for having participated in the luxurious night organized in the night of April 17 to 18 on the occasion of the thirty-fourth anniversary of Arafat’s girlfriend, Emma Lohoues.

He was once sentenced to a six-month suspended prison sentence and an exceptional fine of three million CFA francs. In addition, Molaré has been the subject of virulent criticism on the web.

One of the deans of Ivorian humor, Gbi de Fer, even expressed his disappointment with the promoter of the International Prize for Urban Music and the Décal Cup (Primud).

In this story, “I was dissatisfied with Molare”. Because he is above all the big brother of all these young revelers. As an elder, he must be able to kick his ass and appoint the young people to command about the fitness disaster we are experiencing right now. In addition, Le Molare is a leader; he is a key player in the Ivorian show biz scene. He is a public figure; it is he who should call the youngest to account for their movements and bring them to order. Molare once had a specific role in questioning them, “he said.

Acknowledging his mistake, Molaré apologized and did not seem to want to start again. A week after this disappointment, it was the turn of the lyricist of the Decal Cutter, Yobo Constant Joel alias Kerozen Dj, to have fun on Friday, April 24, his birthday.

Wishing a happy birthday to the foal of the amazing producer Emma Dobrė, Molaré wrote this on Instagram:

“Happy birthday my artist Dj Kerozen. I’m not going to celebrate it anymore. I can’t discover myself in court a second time. But well done, lots of success and keep giving us luck”.

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