Samuel Eto’o asked my wife out, I will never forgive him – Aurelien Chedjou

Definitely, this confinement period will remain one of the best in terms of revelation of secrets within the indomitable lions of Cameroon Den.

Usually not very talkative, it was Aurélien CHEDJOU who came up to denounce the actions which, according to him, “should not be done”. Indeed answering the questions of a loved one through an Instagram live, the defender of Amiens SC in France and champion of France 2012 with the LOSC, made shocking revelations on his relationship with Samuel ETO’O the former captain and top scorer of the Cameroon national team.

“There are the chicks outside (second office or mistress) . Who doesn’t have side chicks? We had them. They are the “Nga” (women) from outside. I am sorry. But my wife whom I brought home … Today, you come to pick up my wife. No ! ”

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According to the former Cameroonian international player, Samuel Eto’o therefore made advances to his wife when he knew who she was to him.

“He has my respect as a footballer and I have always said that in terms of the ball really we have never seen that in Cameroon. But as a big brother as I said and I repeat, the respect I had for him as a person is in my a ***. I don’t respect him anymore. There’s nothing going to make it work out.” He continued.

He doesn’t see himself forgiving the football legend for having made advances to his wife knowing fully who she is.For

A few days before that, it was Alexandre SONG who also made crisp revelations about Samuel Eto’o. “How can a player ask a player to handcuff another in the middle of a stadium?” In a leaked video on social media, the former Cameroonian international exposed the little things that weighed on the atmosphere within the national team. Without citing him by name, he described several sequences where the role of Samuel Eto’o was harmful to the indomitable lions. According to Alexandre Song, the atmosphere in the den just broke with the arrival of Paul Leguen in 2009 and the bad or failed handover of the captain’s armband from Rigobert Song to Eto’o Fils Samuel.

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