A child is a blessing – Ko-C’s alleged baby Mama says as she shares photo with her son.

Before this, Cameroonian model, video video & CEO of The Jeninster’s called on rapper, KO-C for getting her pregnant and refusing.

She shares her sorrows on how she managed to take give birth to her son, no friend nor family. Today, he is her only source of joy. Jenny goes on to advise ladies never to abort regardless.

Sharing a photo with her son on Facebook, she wrote :

“The Agony..
The mistery of my pregnancy before I put to birth.
The day I took in, it was like a miracle. I got pregnant without knowing it was after 2months I realized I was pregnant. I told the man I knew was responsible for my pregnancy, but he denied his responsibilities saying he is not responsible for my pregnancy.
because of the manner in which the pregnancy came inn and also the duration before he was informed. I stood on my words because I was sure but he refused. I took a decision not to abort. ,I decided to keep the pregnancy with no target. Nobody was there for me. No friend, no family , I was all alone ? ? cried day and night. The only weapon I had that period was PRAYERS. I provided all my baby’s needs by his Grace. My pregnancy went obove the expected delivery period, it was certain my village people were at work. I moved from one place to place seeking for solution.
On the 21 of September Kingsley Prince Noninirote me at night I was suprised, seems he knew my problem,(delivery delay) he prayed with me on phone and told me that, I shouldn’t bother that everything will be fine, and that I will put to birth as soon as possible, and it happened. Kingsley Noni I will forever be grateful. As you all can see I am a happy mother today and I must Confess this child is a blessing, my source of Joy and Happiness. My dear fellow women never abort for any reason, A child is a blessing even if the father denies his responsibilities,you should be there for the child do your best and God will handle the rest.
I am not encouraging you to get pregnant out-of wedlock, but if it happens, who are you to take away the life of an unborn baby.
i love you
Jesus loves you
The world world needs you and your Children
God loves you
Say No to Abortion
Stay Home
Stay Safe”fb img 158749827852752306636011122966068091

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