Biography of Magasco- Origin- career.

Magasco, whose real name is Tohnain Anthony Nguo, born September 22, 1988 in Bamenda, is a Cameroonian Afro pop and Dance-hall singer from the North West region of Cameroon. He began his career in 2009 and was somewhat known nationwide in 2012 grace to his single Line Loba. Golden boy which happens to be his first album was released in December 2017.


Magasco was born in Bamenda and is from the locality of Kom in the north-west region. His passion for music was born while he was still in school. He then joined the choir of the Catholic school in which he attended. After obtaining his GCE A/Level, he joined the University of Yaoundé I where he studied history.


Magasco took his first step in the music scene in a talent competition called Positive Vibrations in 1999. Later, he blended with two childhood friends DaBlu and KloneHe, a rap group called T-Drops with which he evolved until 2009 , when the group separated after the departure of one of the group members for the USA.

In 2009, with the group TRIYO, he represented the North-West region in the Nescafé African Revelation song contest and reached the final. He then embarked on a solo career with the support of DijayPazzo, his friend, mentor and producer with whom he produced a few songs that hit the headlines in his native region, including Bamenda Boi, Take U To The Sky and Gari.

In 2012, he really made himself known on the national urban music scene with the Mumak label thanks to his single Line loba (Land Rover). The same year, he collaborated with rapper Jovi on the song 2much from the album HIV.

In 2013, he returned with a second solo single entitled Kumba Market. The success of these first singles caused him to be noticed by rapper Pit Baccardi who invited him to join his label Empire Company in 2014.

On December 25, 2015, his first maxi single of six songs entitled Raw Gold was released under the Empire Company label. We find No Man no Wowo and Belinda which met a certain success.

Nothing stopped Magasco. In 2016, Magasco rocked the hit Wule Bang Bang. As with his other releases, it was a success. He went on with All VIP.

In December 2017, it was released the album Golden Boy.

He ended his 2018 year by organizing his first concert at the Palais Polyvalent Des Sports in Yaoundé.

In January 2019, Magasco announced the end of his collaboration with Empire and the creation of his own label called BBOY Records.

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