Adorable pictures of Jim Iyke’s Wife and Son So lovely

Everyone seems to know Jim Iyke in the Nigerian movie industry, but nothing or little is actually known about his private life.

Many have been curious to know if Jim is married or if he has a child.


Two years ago wedding photos emerged on the scene between Jim Iyke and another actress called Rosaline Meurer, and many were already pouring in congratulations. But it was later found out that the photos were actually promos for their new movie called “Yoruba Demon“.

Jim Iyke is fond of keeping his public life from public glare and scrutiny. Even his marriage to his European wife, Dana Kinduryte, was also kept away from the public.

And who is Dana Kinduryte, the woman that later became his wife and mother of his son?


Dana is from Lithuania. She speaks English and French, and also studied Law.

Dana lives in the United States of America where she met Jim and fell in love. When she became pregnant, she relocated to Atlanta where Jim has his own house.

Dana and Jim had a very private wedding in Texas, USA. The event was attended by just close friends and family. And they are happily married with a son.

Jim Iyke’s wife gave birth to their child in a hospital in Atlanta. Their son’s name is harvase Chidubem Iyke.

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