Junior Biya promises 100 million FCFA to support #Covid19 victims

H.E Paul Biya’s son has promised to offer 100 million frs to support coronavirus victim.

According to the ENAM student, he will give 50 million frs to the project his father put in 1 billion to build and fight against the #Covid19 in Cameroon. The other half, he will offer it to those in quarantine.

This comes after Cameroon has announced 500+ cases of Coronavirus with over 6+ deaths & 10 recovered.

The guy wrote :

Vous aurez mon plan d’actions concernant la riposte contre le Covid-19 Montant qu fonds de riposte 100 nillions de FCFA. Soit 50% allouer au plan de riposte gouvernementale ou le président à déjà déposer 1 milliard et 50 % allouer aux personnes en quarantine et confinée.

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