Brenda Biya assisting Cameroonians to combat #coronavirus via her advice.

After the 13 strong measures announced on March 17, 2020 by the Cameroon government to help combat Covid19, a video surfaced online carefully edited by the Africa Digital Intelligence communication firm founded by Arsène Onana.

In this video, Cameroonian gorgeous first daughter, Brenda Biya , rowed alongside her father President, Paul Biya for the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

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While Cameroon already has 88 infected cases including two deaths, the young girl aware of the neglect of hygiene rules by the Cameroonian population relies on the thirteenth measure which consists of washing the hands with soap and flowing water, a simple measure that affects everyone.

This video was made in English & French and posted on YouTube for the Cameroon mass.

Brenda called on Camerooniand not to minimize the virus and keep up with good hygiene. This gesture of hers was appreciated by lots and seen a philanthropic act. Lots of social media users appreciated her saying she is following her mother’s footsteps.

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