Most expected Cameroonian artistes collaborations in Cameroon.


1 Stanley Enow and Jovi

It’s conspicuous, barefaced or obvious we can’t talk the growth of Cameroonian musics without talking about Stanley Enow and Jovi. They are alphas of Cameroon’s urban music. They shaped and changed the game when the released their all time hits (hein pere and Don 4 kwat respectively).These two have worked so impenetrable, concentrated to put Cameroon on the map. But things became bad when the two started beefing themselves till date. A collabor between them is something Cameroonians and Africans can’t wait any longer.

2 Daphne and Blanche Bailly

Without any misplaced facts, Daphne and Blanche Bailly are aforethought as Cameroon’s most beautiful, sexiest and serial female hit makers.They have continued to prove themselves as the best in the industry. They are Vocally powerful and knows what Cameroonian want. They are considered as Cameroon’s Beyonce and Rihanna. A collaboration between the two will relieve Cameroonian respiratory systems.

3 Askia and Tilla

These are two powerful Cameroonian female rappers for a decade now. They all have good punchlines and do the same rap(Mboko rap) Cameroonians were surprised and bemused when Askia didn’t invite Tilla for her bag concert, an initiative that brought if not all but most female rappers together. A collaboration between this two will kill down that burning anxiety inside Cameroonians

4 Ko-c and Boy TAG

Considered as fattest Cameroonian Rappers at the moment. They have proven themselves to be the best. They have been in the music arena for a while now. Imagine these two putting their talent together in a hit, a track from them is what Cameroonians can’t stop asking

5 Lady Ponce, Mani Bella and Coco Argentee.

Finally, These 3 are considered as best bitkussi crooners and dancers. They have successfully kept bitkussi in the ears of people round the world. Many people think they are enermies meanwhile nothing is wrong between them. Cameroonians are tired waiting for a collaboration among them.

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