Lady Ponce’s husband exposes their marital secret, claiming his wife is a cheat.

This is indeed the talk of social media for the last 12 hours.

In a video of almost 30 minutes, made from his Facebook account, husband of Cameroonian artist Lady Ponce explained lengthly the cause of their wanted split.

“… I would like to let everyone know that my marriage barely a year, is getting to an end ** ”

Returning to the first facts which gave rise to the suspicions: “… it started when she was in Cameroon and I in England … I found out that she avoided me …”.

In order to remove the doubt from anyone who thinks it’s a promotional buzz, the husband of the Cameroonian singer, Lady Ponce, did not hesitate to share on his social media handle, screenshots of his wife’s conversations with her lover.

Sharing these screenshots, he said :

“Here is the messages that a married woman is sending her lover a certain Raphaël Abouem and a process of divorce made to him behind my back. By leaving me lying like a prick in the house”.

Without confirming the divorce procedure “… for the moment I would not say that I have decided to end… there are a succession of things that led me to come and give my position on what is going on… ”he suggested.

It should be noted that for some time rumours of divorce proceedings have been relayed on social media.

Is this the end of the marriage for the Cameroonian singer?

Hoping that The following events will locate us.

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