Don’t push celebrities to sell pepper( prostitute)- Cameroonian actress, Stephanie Tum states.

Cameroonian entertainers are basically sick and tired of how their celebrities present themselves at red carpet events.

For them, these celebrities take fashion like a joke. They just wear anything giving clumsy excuses from one corner to the other.

After the AMVCA which is a popular Nigerian award, lots of Cameroonian entertainers bashed their celebrities for pure total trashy red carpet outfits.

Some posted some photos of the Cameroonian entertainment industry red carpet which some are :

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Stephanie Tum, a Cameroonian actress clapped back. She called on Cameroonian entertainers to stop pushing their celebrities to sleep around just to look good.

She wrote :

***Unpopular Post***I am sick and tired of people who rush to shame Cameroon Actors or Actresses for not dressing like Nigerians each time a Nigerian red carpet event is over. The #AMVCA2020 is over and we keep getting thesame thing. Some can afford to (good for them), some are inbetween (still fine) and some just simply can’t at the moment AND THAT IS OK!!.How much do we make at this point in time from our craft in our industry? Make no mistake, it took the Nigerian Film industry years of hardwork and sacrifice of the veterans for them to get to this stage . Google and see what they use to wear years ago to events and to the red carpet.
Yes it is true we should copy good things and all but don’t push people to “sell pepper” and do vile things just to impress you people on social media and later you come and use those same things to insult them again.My people, please dress as you can afford, wear what suits your body type and look clean.
That is the most important. Invest in your craft, use the little money your make to grow yourself first and foremost. Pay for courses online or classroom courses (if you can afford) that will help you grow so you can be a better filmmaker. Invest in your projects. The money will definitely come, you will put yourself in the position to be the best amongst your equals. And when that time comes you will be able to earn what you are truly worth and you will afford the best clothes on that red carpet legitimately with your integrity intact !!!
We have work to do to grow the industry then we can flex!!!
Priority cannot be over emphasized.
My 5 cents.

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