See Magasco’s surprise for his daughter, Heart.

Magasco has bought his daughter something very memorable, classic and expensive.

Apparently, Heart is the best thing that has occurred to Magasco at the moment. Apart from doing an album and naming it after his daughter, the singer has ensured and promised himself to make her proud of Daddy.

He has decided to keep reminding her of how much he loves her.

Eyes shouldn’t be kept off Magasco as one of the richest Cameroonian artists. His decision not to join Universal music has done him more good than harm. The la crème de la crème crooner has dropped hits songs back to back after his departure from empire. That’s just not it, he bought a car no Cameroonian artist has bought at the moment.

Right now, he just got his gorgeous angel a cute bracelet to keep reminding her of his love for her.

Taking to his WhatsApp status, the singer shared a video of this!

The bracelet states : Daddy loves Heart.

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