Husband of the famous American singer, Nicki Minaj accussed of rape. However, he pleads not guilty.

The couple made their union official on their social networks platforms last October. It’s a big blow for the newlyweds. Indeed, Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj’s husband was allegedly arrested on Wednesday by the California police.

What happened?

The law accuses him of not having registered as a sex offender. This is indeed a case that dates back to the 90s. Whether it is voluntary or not, this error risks making Nicki Minaj’s husband pay.

Indeed, he realized this oversight last November. Petty had undergone a simple roadside check. At that time, he got out. He simply agreed to pay $ 20,000 for his freedom.

Critics are not tender. The press is already talking about her husband’s latest outbursts. Yet Nicki Minaj chose to remain silent. At least for the moment. Indeed the singer has not yet reacted.

Reports has it that Kenneth Petty was arrested on Wednesday. Placed in federal detention, he has since paid bail of $ 100,000. Thus, regained freedom. But he must return to court on April 28 because Petty allegedly forgot to register as a sex offender in California. This is a case that dates back to the 90s.

Kenneth was found guilty of rape in 1995. In defense of her husband, Nicki Minaj had said that he was only 16 years old, the girl 15, was his girlfriend and he had spent 4 years in prison.

Then he was arrested for manslaughter. He had, moreover, pleaded guilty. This time, he will spend 10 years behind bars! Today Nicki Minaj’s husband had to surrender his passport. He must also respect a curfew and wear an electronic bracelet.

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