Did Tanasha Donna breakup with Diamond Platnumz because he is a narcissist?

Diamond Platnumz’s girlfriend is said to have left him after the Tanzanian singer was labeled a narcissist.

Tanasha Donna has apparently left her boo Diamond Platnumz, probably accusing him of being self-centered.

The recent mother decided to share messages regarding to narcissism on her social media handle, certainly alluding to Diamond Platnumz.

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Via her Instagram handle, Tanasha Donna called on women to stay away from selfish narcissists who never admit their mistakes. She also deleted all of the photos of herself and Diamond Platnumz on her Instagram account.

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A gesture that confirms that the singer really has a narcissistic behavior as some indiscretions say.

Even the adorable birthday message she wrote for Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz has been deleted. Tanasha does not regret having gotten rid of certain people.

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