Woman burned alive for selling food she uses mortuary water to cook.

After using the mortuary water to cook for people, a Nigerian woman was burned alive. The woman identified as Mama Aromain in the state of Ugheli Delta was burned alive for using mortuary water to cook the food she sells to people.

It has been established that the food vendor who happens to be the most popular rice vendor in her area uses mortuary water to spice up this food of hers in order to attract more customers to frequent it.

The woman suspected of being in her early forties was arrested by the morgue attendant who saw her earlier that day fetching water from the back of the morgue and followed her to find out why she was going to get the water. To her greatest surprise, it turned out that she uses it to cook for her customers.

The morgue attendant exposed the salesperson. When she arrived at her popular joint in the market, she was beaten by an angry crowd and set on fire.

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