Five reasons men are attracted to breast.

Men love breasts according to statistics. There is no debate on the issue. Whether they are infants or adults, men have always been drawn to the breasts of women. A legend has it that boobs are what men look at first, when they first meet a woman. True or false accusation, only you gentlemen can tell us.

In the meantime, if you’ve always wondered why men have always been so obsessed with the female breast, just don’t stop reading.

1-A brain story

Yes, this organ essential to the survival of a human being is undoubtedly the first cause of the misfortune of women with small breasts. Larry Young, a specialist in neurological bases of complex social behaviors study , explains to us why men feel this strong attraction for breasts.

When breastfeeding, while the baby sucks on his mother’s nipple, his mother’s brain is flooded with a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone is associated with love and attachment. So the child feels pleasure and satisfaction while nursing and the mother is overwhelmed with love. This feeling of satisfaction remains present in the man who feels it even in adulthood when he stimulates the breasts of his partner.

So during sexual intercourse, this same hormone is released when the man caresses the breasts of his sweetheart so that she becomes more attached to him. Dr. Young also explains the attraction of men to the breasts by the existence of a specific neural network that would develop in heterosexual males at the time of puberty.

2- They are pleasant to look at

Men like women’s breasts because they find them nice to look at. As simple as it may seem, the breasts are pleasant to contemplate. Whether small, medium, large or just huge at Eudoxie Yao, men just can’t help but take a look at it.

3-They are pleasant to touch

Men love how soft the breasts are in their hands. While some can be wild and start directly by pressing the chest, many others are softer with this extremely sensitive organ by holding it with all the care and love they deserve. Besides, good preliminaries cannot take place if you do not take good care of your two darlings.

4-They are comforting

For some reason I don’t know, men find breasts very comforting. You have surely already happened to put your head on the chest of your girl especially if it has been pampered by nature at this level. One look at the breasts can magically make a man’s bad mood go away. There is even a study that has shown that men who can see breasts for at least 15 minutes a day will live longer and healthier lives.

5-They are mysterious

As soon as a man looks at a girl and she really likes him, her breasts become a source of mystery for him. He will spend a good part of his time visualizing what is hidden under her clothes. Until he actually sees them. Without forgetting that, unlike men, curves are a sign of femininity. Thus, firm, pointed and beautiful breasts effortlessly attract the attention of all men.

And you gentlemen do you know why you like women’s breasts?

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