The YAT show – All you need to know.

What is The YAT SHOW?The Young Ambitious Talented Show is an entertainment radio talk-show on the air waves of Chariot FM 93.5. We aim to promote fresh talent and keep the public informed about everything entertainment in Cameroon, ranging from music, cinema, lifestyle, celebrity news, celebrity gossip and a variety of other entertainment inclined topics.img 20200116 wa0005942757691Slots on The YAT SHOW1. Topic of discussion/The YAT Quiz
2. Song of the Week
3. News from the Web
4. Discover
5. Weekly Agenda
6. Word on the street
7. YAT TOP 10
8. Interview/YAT Freestyleimg 20200116 wa000416169348041. Topic of Discussion/ the YAT Quiz
In this slot, we provide a topic of discussion and a quiz which of recent, is Sponsored By King Chris Graphics. We ask a thought provoking question which our audience can share their thoughts by sending a text message the given studio number or by commenting on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts (@theyatshow). We do same for the quiz question and the correct answers are balloted then announced at the end of the show. However, you cannot participate in the quiz without contributing to the topic of discussion.2. Song of the Week
Every week, we pick out a newly released song with much promise. We aim at bringing you the freshest of sounds, giving you a “first to listen” experience.3. News from the Web
This slot brings to you entertainment news and gossip from Cameroonian entertainers at home and abroad. We do our best to research on what’s happening, or not, and break it down for you.4. YAT UPCOMING 5
Record labels, sponsors, fellow upcoming artists and lovers of good music(you, of course) pay attention to this slot. We carefully select songs from across the board, from various genres, done by promising young talents. We search for new music every week and give free airplay to these artists alike, exposing them to a wide audience, potential fans and investors.5. Weekly Agenda
We inform you about upcoming events for your pleasure. Events such as concerts, release parties and other entertainment events are all mentioned, detailed right down to the entrance fee.6. The YAT TOP 10
A countdown of 10 songs by Cameroonian artists making waves in and across the national borders. After thorough research of classifications on various platforms and general observation, we draft a list of 10 of your favorite tracks, all for your listening pleasure.7. Interview/YAT Freestyle
We always strive to bring to you not just the best, but very promising talents. Find out who they are, what they do and what their sound is, in this slot. We have an interactive session with a guest, to whom you can also get answers directly, to burning questions that you might have. After the interview, we have a Freestyle session, where the guest can showcase their talent. This is not limited to just musicians. An actor for example, in the YAT Freestyle slot, can create a scene and showcase his/her talent. This slot aims at giving you a first hand experience of the guest’s talent.img 20200116 wa0003204555176Join us every Friday from 3:00-4:30 PM on Chariot Radio FM 93.5. We are broadcast Live from the Open Commons of the University of Buea.

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