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Born on 8th May 1992 , LOCKO goes by the real name, Charles Arthur Locko Samba.

He is a Cameroonian songwriter, beatmaker, singer, guitarist and keyboardist.

Locko does lots of style and is a top R&B follower. The artist whose greatest wish is to get the Grammy injects various musical genres: afro-pop, afro-dance, dancehall, bikutsi, assiko, mangambeu, makossa or bend skin (Cameroon), ndombolo (from the 2 Congo), or azonto (Nigeria, Ghana). He mixes different languages when he is doing his songs. Some of which are: English, French, pidgin and his mother tongue (sawa) language.

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After obtaining his ‘baccalaureate’, Locko joined the National Polytechnic School, Yaounde Cameroon . His fast growing interest for music however forced him to opt for studies that would give him more time to devote to his passion. This is how he turned to management studies at the University Institute of Science and Management (IUSM), in Yaoundé Bastos.

Previously, he was signed under Big Dreams but he had parted ways with them for his own label Yema production.


LOCKO is presently 27-years-old!


Not officially married but is in a serious relationship.

Contact :

LOCKO everywhere on social media.

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