Koffi Olomide accuses Ivorians for Fally Ipupa’s health failure, says they are jealous.

The fact that the Congolese artist, Fally Ipupa fainted on stage in Ivory Coast has made Koffi Olomide accuse Ivorians of Jealousy.

On his Instagram account, the Congolese star accuses the Ivorians of being the “bad belle” behind Fally’s discomfort.

Apparently, the fact that Fally collapsed on stage left Koffi very pissed. The singer took to his Instagram handle to accuse Ivorians of being the immediate cause of this and calls on Congolese artists never to step their foot in Ivory Coast.

According to him, the Ivorians are jealous of the musical development in Congo. This is why he invites his fellow Congolese artists to avoid the Abidjan destination from now on.

“Let Congolese artists no longer set foot in Abidjan. They are anti-successes. Ivorians are jealous of our musical development, “

said Congolese star Koffi Olomide on his Instagram account.

This reaction would certainly have surprised more than one but let us remember that the Congolese singer Papa Wemba, another icon of Congolese music had died almost in the same conditions on April 24, 2016. He kicked the bucket after a malaise on stage in Abidjan where he participated in the Anoumabo Urban Music Festival (Femua).

The latest news is that Fally Ipupa is doing better and announces his big comeback.

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