10-year-old Cameroonian girl raped and sacrificed in rite
CRTV reported earlier that a lass was raped and was about to be sacrificed to the “gods”.

The Cameroon Radio television broadcasts a horrible scene which discloses the rape and assassination of a 10 year old girl.

At the moment the little girl was abducted, her mother who still finds it difficult to bear the pains didn’t know that the executioner is a close relative who is always around their family.

According to reports and what the young girl’s mother revealed, the 10-year-old was abducted for several days, raped and murdered.

She would have been sacrificed during sadistic rites in Abong-Mbang in the East region of Cameroon but unfortunately for the wicked relative, the police and military are on his case.

Let’s just wait and see what happens next.

As of now, watch video below :

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