Discover Clinton Njie’s daughter, Nae!

Clinton Njie hasn’t revealed much about his daughter yet but we managed to gather few information from his social media handle.

Y’all already know how Cameroonian celebrities are, before you have little information, you have to squeeze out from social media or few persons that know them.

So from his caption, his baby is called Nae. But from a comment under his post apparently from someone who knows him, Nae is called Njie Dividhno !

Younger Njie was born on November 15. Her mother hasn’t been revealed to the public yet, we all are still waiting. She looks exactly like her father.

Nae gives Clinton a lot of joy. Setting aside the fact that she is her father’s photocopy, the football star continuously shows off this daughter of his and says she is his everything.

Previously, rumours had it that he had a thing with singer Briana Lesley and they have a son together. From his birth till now, we haven’t seen any post about this alleged son of his.

Well, that’s what we have got regarding Njie D. Here are some photos below:

nc14 on instagram endless love happy birthjpg1517536398.

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