“2020 No make error”- Dynastie le tigre warns new year.

Dynastie le Tigre seeks to inform 2020 before hand not to tamper with his life or career.

The artist who was once a top celebrity in Cameroon has been gradually dropping. The situation keeps on deteriorating such that lots of people have even forgotten about him.

2019 must had been a terrible year for the artist because even his Instagram handle was hacked and he has got a new one with just 124 followers. I mean, from hundreds of thousands instagram followers to just a hundred is very sad.

He has been doing songs, yet they haven’t been reaching a great public like before.

Most Cameroonian celebrities suffer from this. They easily rise and fall.

Anyways! Dynastie has warned 2020 not to make any error to let him down.

He took to his Facebook handle to reveal this.

He wrote :

2020, no make error

20191231 223520137168092

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