Viral social media news has it that Ivorian artist, Stelair was beaten-up in Cameroon for having a romantic relationship with a promoter’s girl friend.

Stelair has refuted all claims of having any romantic relationship with Joel Mpellé’s gf. Gossip has it that, the artist was well trashed in yaoundé for trying to flirt with a promoter’s girl. A Video had hit social media showing a group of guys taking the Generation Chilley singer after his show to somewhere only God knows. However, it is reported that the angry promoter and his group got him well beaten.

Via an interview on Vibe radio, the artist was opportune to tell his own part of the story. According to him, he was never beaten up because of a girl. Rather, he was decieved by promoters who were well paid to handle his tour but they failed.

I never slept with the wife of any promoter of show in Cameroon…

he retorted

it is a pure invention of some Internet users … he continued.

He claims he was molested because of money issue. Here was his own version;

Basically it’s a matter of money. I had actually made my first trip to Cameroon several months ago. There is a man from the show-biz there, to whom the promoter who contacted me entrusted the task of making a media campaign of the tour. The latter has done a showcase tour. He took money from people in my name. The tour never took place and it disappeared in the wild, without reporting to the promoter. And when I left recently in Cameroon, the promoter of the name of Joel Mpellé and his henchmen discharged their anger on me trying to molest me, on the pretext that I rolled them in the flour. We finally could explain, he realized that it is his turner who has “doubled”,

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