Fun	 facts 	about	 Sevo	Nchifor 	alias	“the	 Azonto	Doctor”

We have our eyes on an upcoming US-based singer who calls himself “the Azonto Doctor”!
Now if you think that is a cool name then wait until you hear his story! The Azonto Doctor, whose real name is Sevo Nchifor has released some well-received songs as well as two videos since summer – the most recent video being “Swity Bum Bum”, which is gaining a lot of moment with over 111,000 YouTube views as we publish this. His next upcoming music video “Sign On Me” ,which is a real banger will be released on Saturday October 19, 2019.
His upcoming song “Sign On Me” is about a girl he truly loves and therefore letting her sign her signature on him with a permanent marker/pen (pen without an eraser) to show the world that she owns him. Wow!! Isn’t this fascinating? If you truly love your girl, won’t you let her sign her signature permanently on you in front of the whole world? Watch out!!! Saturday October 19th will unleash the entire story.
So who is Sevo Nchifor and why should you be on the look out for him?
Sevo has a not so conventional background for a typical artist and an extraordinary story. You will be shocked at what his real profession is! We decided to reach out to him to find out some fun facts about him regarding his life, career, and his interest in music and this is what he had to say:
1. Despite his love for music, Sevo Nchifor has a lot going on for him outside of music.
The singer was born and raised in Cameroon but later moved to USA where he currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio USA. He attended the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota USA where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics after 4 years and then obtained a Degree in Medicine 4 years later from the Oakland University William Beaumont (OUWB) School of Medicine in Michigan, USA.
2. Not only is he a Medical Doctor, but he is also currently specializing in one of the hardest areas in Medicine which is Anesthesiology at University Hospital’s Cleveland Medical Center (UH CMC) in Cleveland, Ohio USA We can see why Sevo got into music as he has some musical ties through his father who was a guitarist and choirmaster and who used to bring Sevo with him to teach choir in neighboring villages. His father introduced a brand of local music called ‘bottle dance to his village” as well as being the main guitarist of the bottle dance, before passing away in 2004. Before his father passed away, he gave Sevo his guitar and asked Sevo to promise him that he will grow up to become a Medical Doctor and a singer, which Sevo ultimately did as he kept his fathers promise.When we asked where Sevo sees himself in five years, the singer said his goal is to open up a huge decent modern music label in Cameroon and recruit talent from all over Africa. “There is a lot of music talent out there but it cannot be expressed due to lack of sponsorship.

When asked which Cameroonian artist he would love to do a music collabo with, here is what he had to say: I am particularly interested in young growing music talent. There are a couple of them but for now, I adore to do a collabo with Dore Mi, Kameni, Tina Vernyuy, and other emerging music talents. This is solely because as a medical doctor my mind is shaped on making an influence/impact on other people’s lives such as those emerging, struggling, and those who need assistance etc. As the saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover”. If you were looking at Sevo and judging him solely based on his photos and/or his music videos, you most likely would have never guessed that he is singer with such a solid and unique career as a Medical Doctor who will soon become an Anesthesiologist. The fact that he can swing back and forth from a creative musical side to his medical side is a unique talent and something not many can boast of. He says his passion for the two professions allows him to prescribe both music and medications to all his patients and this combination has always worked superbly. Therefore, his Magic formula is Music + Medicine = Best Health. Any Upcoming Projects?
Sevo just completed a collabo with an emerging barely known Cameroon music talent (video to be released in the coming months) and is currently working on another collabo with another young emerging Cameroon Music talent. Sevo intends to release a music video averagely every 2 months. What are the Challenges Sevo faces?
Practicing medicine (especially in the US) can be tough/brutal and it may seem very difficult if nor impossible to handle Medicine and Music simultaneously. But Sevo intends to let his fellow colleagues across the US and the world at large know that it is very possible to handling these professions provided they are handled intelligently. Sevo’s songs are bow available on all online platforms/stores such as YouTube, Amazon,
Spotify, KKBox, etc.
Social Media Handles:

Stay connected with Sevo (Azonto Doctor) through:
1.) Instagram: @sevo.nchifor
2.) Twitter: @janchifor
3.) Facebook Page: Sevo Nchifor (
4.) YouTube: subscribe to his YouTube Channel

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