Fruit of the musical globalisation ! Ngwa Chantal Nchang artistically perceived as Chantal Travolta is a bag of talent who hails from the North West region of Cameroon . As an independent artist with great future prospect, she has set her records high in the past when she dropped her first single titled. “Dada boi ” and second single titled “bread alone” . These two enticing pieces were sonorously crafted that fascinated majority of music enthusiasts. She is jovial, simple and unique in her her genre which is gaining her some admiration from top industry’s stake holders.
Chantal is set to surprise the industry this time around with this high tone melodious one titled “YEKELE” . she explains that Yekele is a cry, especially when one is undergoing toughest difficult times in life . She tries encouraging. Motivating and inspiring anyone undergoing life challenges to stand on their feet, work hard and intensify their hustles.
Enjoy Song Below:

She drew her inspiration from an experience she had sometime back in school. She never really had any pocket allowances, and could barely have anything to eat in school after trekking miles daily and nobody seem to care. Waking up in the morning was always a nightmare. Then the crisis came and things got worst. she sees families suffering, children homeless and a multiple sad instances inspired her to come up with this crying song yekele . She uses the pidgin parlance like “We should not give up. Inside freezer we go still boil beans” bringing the 237 originality in her inspiration.
This master piece Song was produced by Abstrumental and T clin and
Lyrics video by the graphic tycoon Daady Jay. Anticipate while you check her out on her social media accounts below,
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