Blanche Bailly and Iyanya didn't hesitate to show off their  love publicly.

Cameroonian full package singer @IsBlancheBailly exchange “❤” With Nigerian singer @Iyanya.

Cameroonian singer, Queen Mimba, spotted exchanging ‘love’ with talented Nigerian singer Iyanya.
Knowing how soft Blanche Bailly is, everyone already know her type can’t be anybody simple.
Well, before this, she had disclosed that she is crushing on one celebrity long tennis player. Though Iyanya ain’t a tennis player, he might be a lucky man when it comes to playing ball and scoring at a lady’s pole. This might be the case with he and Blanche Bailly because they have been exchanging a lot of ‘love ‘of recent.
Before this, the 23-year-old lass shared Iyana’s song on her wall which is something she hasn’t been doing for the artist.
People thought it’s just ‘an artist assisting another artist thing’ but it’s gradually turning serious as Iyanya also took to his wall to post the latter’s photo.

Is it a crime to post a fellow artist’s picture?

Of course no! What comes in here is the way they romantically exchanged heart emojis in the comment section.
After Iyanya posted Blanche’s picture, she commented”❤” And in return, he replied with “🌹 🌹❤”.
If there’s something they aren’t telling us yet about them, we will be anxiously waiting for them to reveal it. See screenshot belowpicsart 05 09 0612518175

How do you see a BlancheBailly-Iyanya relationship?

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